Daniel Barreto

Daniel Barreto is a Mexican experimental artist who has established a unique, identifiable style with his use of abstract shapes and vibrant colours. His works show great interest in repetition and how light affects objects. Barreto work is versatile and multidisciplinary. When ask what his preferred medium is, he answered: ‘I think I like illustration/drawing a lot, but experimental animation is what I enjoy the most, because of the excitement to anticipate the result while working on each frame.’ Daniel Barreto's work has been exhibited at Times Square, Saatchi Gallery, FILE (Electronic Language electronic festival), The Gifer (Gif Art Festival), Boston Convention Center, Beijing's Yuan Art Museum and more. His work has been featured online at ‘Boooooom!’, ‘The Creators Project’, ‘Vice’, ‘Designboom’, ‘Colossal’, ‘Swissmiss’. Daniel Barreto is based in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Homepage: Daniel Barreto
Instagram: Daniel Barreto

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