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April 14, 2022

Artist Cotton Blanket & Beach Towel Collection 2022

Artist Cotton Blanket & Beach Towel Collection 2022-ZigZagZurich

ZigZagZurich launches the New Artist Cotton Blanket & Towel Collection 2022!

The ZigZagZurich Summer blankets and towels collection was inspired by our love of cotton jacquard weaving. This collaboration with young artists once again surprises with unusually strong designs.

Artist Cotton Blanket & Beach Towel Collection 2022

In the spirit of ZigZagZurich, the collection combines colors and patterns that are attractive both indoors and outdoors, whether at the beach, park, pool, sofa, or bed! Perfect as a towel or as a plaid, for the absolute design lovers.

Produced in Europe, woven in limited quantities.
Sold online and selected museums and design concept stores.

Cotton Blankets
100% Woven Cotton Jacquard
Machine Washable Warm / 40 Degrees / Tumble Dry Size: 140 x 160cm / 55 inches x 63 inches

Beach Towels
100% Woven Cotton Jacquard
Machine Washable Warm / 40 Degrees / Tumble Dry Size: 90 x 140cm / 35 inches x 55 inches


David Schmitt, also known as "Tuyo", is an artist and printmaker based in the south of Germany. In his work he tries to capture a timeless aspect, using organic shapes, archaic symbols, and an intuitive approach. Always fascinated by different cultures across the globe, their similarities, and differences in expression and art he tries to point toward the importance of community, compassion, and reflection of our modern values. "For me, art can be a way to reconnect with our human experience as we often stumble upon the archetypical forms and symbols which seem to be reproduced again and again throughout different times in human existence."


"The Elephant" symbolizes a loving approach to nature and our surroundings. Schmitt speaks a clear language of love: acting from the gentleness of the heart, representing true strength, and creating an empathetic environment -that leads us into a sustainable, healthy future.

The Elephant Cotton Blanket by David SchmittThe Elephant Cotton Blanket by David Schmitt


ZEBU is a creative duo from Berlin composed of Lynn Lehmann and Dennis Gärtner founded in 2015. Being active in the fields of art and illustration, the studio's bold and dynamic visual language is applied in print products, murals, rugs, and exhibitions.

The design "Dandelion" is a reflection of our creative practice: through abstraction and reduction, we are trying to visualize the essence of an image. This vocabulary is characteristic of our work and creates a bold visual language with strong compositions and characters, which can't be assigned to a specific gender or nationality.

Dandelion Cotton Blanket by ZebuDandelion Cotton Blanket by Zebu


Yanyi Ha is an interior designer and artist based in London. She was among the winners of the Design Week Award in 2018. She loves to explore the relationship between architecture and nature through various design projects in her studio “Archidreamer”. She focuses on creating minimalist artworks and prints inspired by the cross-section between architecture and nature. She instills a sense of natural beauty in artificially made architecture, turning static pieces into something dynamic and lively.

This is the ‘Marine Series’ which I created having been inspired by light reflected off the waves while I was on the beach. I was excited by the marine architecture and how sunlight and water worked together to create beautiful shapes. I transformed this impression into my artworks using color and minimal shapes. 

Marine Series 03 Beach Towel by Yani HaMarine Series 03 Beach Towel by Yani Ha

Marine Series 04 Cotton Blanket by Yanyi HaMarine Series 04 Cotton Blanket by Yanyi Ha


Jo Hummel's works are represented by galleries in London, Malmo, and New York. She has exhibited extensively, with artworks included in both public and private collections and she has a growing international collector base. Hummel's work is characterized by a painted and paper collaged surface on which she employs spontaneous variations of space, color, and form.


"Jets" was created from large painted sheets of paper that the artist cut into shapes, twisted, and rearranged until a visual balance was achieved. This design could not be more typical of this artist, an absolute Jo Hummel classic!

Jets Beach Towel by Jo HummelJets Beach Towel by Jo Hummel


Liz Collins is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn. Employing a range of natural to synthetic materials, incorporating vivid colors, dynamic patterns, emphasizing textures and inventive structures, Collins enjoys pushing the limits and doing the unexpected across the spectrum of textile media. Her artworks surround the viewer in vibrating color fields to explore the boundaries between painting, fiber arts, and installation.


Inspired by a design she created for a long jacquard fabric where there was a dynamic jagged stripe pattern that expanded far beyond what a textile pattern usually does. The lines travel together as stripes across the surface extending to make a 20-meter long nonrepeating pattern. The imagery, common in her work, is influenced by the universal graphic language of bold contrasting stripes and chevrons used for signs for obstacles and dangerous locations.

Shortcut Beach Towel by Liz CollinsShortcut Beach Towel by Liz Collins


Sophie Probst is a German textile designer that lives and works in Zurich. Her greatest love is in the production of modern textiles in the classic crafts of weaving and knitting. Her designs are a celebration of color and freedom, with intricate detail that covers broad spectrums of interest. Her travels in Asia and Europe have inspired her work to mix cultures.

A banana is the best beach snack, so why not on a blanket? As they often do, the design pair shows a lot of humor and a pinch of irony on pop culture with this design!

Banana Beach Towel by Sophie Probst & Michele RondelliBanana Beach Towel by Sophie Probst & Michele Rondelli


When you think of the sun, you think of Italy; when you think of Italy, you think pomodori.

Pomodori Beach Towel by Sophie Probst & Michele RondelliPomodori Beach Towel by Sophie Probst & Michele Rondelli


Michele Rondelli is a Swiss-born interior architect educated in Switzerland and Paris, France. He then worked for major architectural and design companies in the U.S. and Asia. His tasteful design approach and a unique sense for Zeitgeist can be found in many international private projects but also the public segment. In his prestigious interior design projects, Rondelli masters his sense for colors, spaces, light, and finishes and interprets the crossover between art and interiors with seamless ease.

A captured memory of a walk in the sand before the next wave obliterates it, recorded on a beach in southern Spain.

Beachwalk Beach Towel by Michele RondelliBeachwalk Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli

Sand Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli Sand Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli


This colorful mix and match of Rondelli, represent a thousand thoughts and the many impressions we have to master every day. If we look at it positively, beautiful patterns emerge from it.Circus Beach Towel by Michele RondelliCircus Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli


There are things in life that just don't make sense. ''If you understand what that means, maybe you can fix my old computer? '' Rondelli asks.

Non-Sense Beach Towel by Michele RondelliNon-Sense Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli


A recurring classic in Rondelli's work: The stripe here in a colorful yet elegant combination. The perfect beach towel, also because it's so fashionable to dress in stripes at the moment.

Lines Col. One Beach Towels by Michele Rondelli

Lines Col. One Beach Towels by Michele Rondelli

Lines Col. Two Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli

Lines Col. Two Beach Towel by Michele Rondelli




Written by Kai Litscher

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