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September 28, 2021

Artist Shower Curtains Collection 2021

Artist Shower Curtains Collection 2021-ZigZagZurich

ZigZagZurich collaborates with artists and designers, both established and new, on unique collections transformed into textiles under the direction of Creative Director Michele Rondelli. The new 2021 ZigZagZurich Shower Curtains Collection adds an exciting new roster of artists from around the globe. ZigZagZurich shower curtains are made of high quality heavy weight panama cotton printed with original artist works and waterproofed with Teflon. The Teflon treatment makes the shower curtain waterproof and stain proof yet still soft to touch like real panama cotton. Each curtain is handmade then in Italy - the shower rings are using the highest quality stainless steel, all hand finished. So no more plastic shower curtains, plastic liners - you can have real cotton luxury in your bathroom without any of the fuss with unique artist works.

Shower Curtains

Our next roster of artists includes:

Byzance is a creative studio based in Paris and founded by Laïs Duruy and Claire Le Bouteiller. Constantly abreast of new experiences, Byzance works in the fields of identity design, art direction, graphic & pattern design, and illustration. They collaborated with brands like Kenzo, Universal and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The shower curtain “Ode” is a wink at the many Odalisques that inhabit the Renaissance. It will bring a theatrical and scenic grandeur to your bathroom.

Ode Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Byzance

Ode Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Byzance


Christoffer Joergensen is an artist and photographer based in Zurich. He uses digital photography as a raw material to be alienated and transformed with a combination of computer programs and artisanal techniques. Tactility and sensuality are essential characteristics in his work. It’s important to him to create things that resonate with our times and that touch people on a visceral level. He received the Thames & Hudson book price for his graduating show at the Royal College of Art in London and has numerous group and solo shows around Europe. The shower curtain “Falster” is inspired by his Grogram technique in which he laboriously cuts photographs into thin strips using a cutter and then interweas them to create a much finer and more intricate grid. This makes the artwork become delicate, sensuous and atmospheric. Falster Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Christoffer Joergensen

Falster Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Christoffer Joergensen


Jacco Bunt is a Dutch visual artist. He studied illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and is now working between Berlin, Germany and The Netherlands. His work is characterized by the use of minimalistic interpretation of reality, a balanced composition and overwhelming use of color. These elements are the basis in all his work. Heavily influenced by Dutch design he plays with known structures and tries to re-invent himself every time again. Within the construction of the compositions he likes to play with everyday surroundings such as traditional still life or architectural elements. He uses them to create a narrative and a connection between the viewer and the images. The shower curtain “Village” is inspired by a minimalistic story of modern day folklore. The figurative elements create a narrative on the shower curtain which the user can emerge himself in.

Village Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Jacco BuntVillage Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Jacco Bunt


Julian Zigerli is a Swiss Fashion Designer. He attended the Berlin University of the Arts. After graduating in 2010, he returned to his roots in Zurich to launch his eponymous label „JULIAN ZIGERLI“. Initially a menswear label, now creating collections for men and women, various accessories and product lines and interior creations. „JULIAN ZIGERLI“ stands for sporty, dynamic and wearable fashion that works on an interdisciplinary basis and with many print-design cooperations. The collections have already been presented around the globe, in cities such as Berlin, London, Zurich, Milan, New York, Paris and Seoul. Julian Zigerli has won numerous design awards, including the invitation of Giorgio Armani to the Teatro Armani in Milan in 2014 and the Swiss Design Award in 2012, 2014 and 2016. In addition to his work as the creative director and CEO of his own label, Julian Zigerli repeatedly works on cross-industry projects. Julian Zigerli has been a guest professor in fashion design at the University of arts in Berlin (UdK) since 2021. The shower curtain “Solitaire” is inspired by his childhood and the first encounter with a computer. Playing the nostalgic solitaire computer game on his dad's very first Windows computer. Of course it comes with a Twist. Using the design of Swiss playing cards to give it a Zigerli vibe.

Solitaire Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Julian Zigerli

Solitaire Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Julian Zigerli


Les Crafties is a studio founded in 2018 by Jeanne and Marie-Marie that creates collections applied to the domestic spaces. Their collections are sets, props, objects, almost in the tradition of «ensembliers». Their objects are dialogues of materials, colors and scales. It is a joyful back and forth between volume and dish, and above all the desire to visually transcribe the pleasure of handling materials. Between artistic installation and design, they proudly wear this double identity, in a desire for complementarity and decompartmentalization. The shower curtain “Le Balcon” is inspired by the shores of Lake Geneva in Geneva, and the magnificent Ariana museum of ceramics.

Le Balcon Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Les Crafties

Le Balcon Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Les Crafties


Michele Rondelli is a Swiss born interior architect educated in Switzerland and in Paris, France. He then worked for major architectural and design companies in the U.S. and Asia. His tasteful design approach and unique sense for Zeitgeist can be found in many international private projects but also in the public segment. Since 2015 he was appointed as the Creative Director for ZigZagZurich and 4Spaces, two innovative and leading textile brands headquartered in Zurich Switzerland. The shower curtain “Glow” investigates the theme of light in an inspiring and poetic manner. Glow Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Michele Rondelli

Glow Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Michele Rondelli


Remo Mazzoni is an artist and textile designer based in Switzerland. After graduating in textile design at the CSIA (high school for applied arts) in Lugano in 2008 and in visual arts at the Academy of Brera in Milan in 2012, he worked for several years in the contemporary art field and the textile industry specializing in home furnishing textiles. After having practiced for different studios in 2019 he decided to start an independent career as a freelancer. The shower curtain “Flowing” is inspired by organic structures starting from suggestions of microscopic images of bacteria and molds, up to images of the universe, passing through the rocky stratifications of the Triassic of Monte San Giorgio of Canton Ticino Switzerland.

Flowing Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Remo MazzoniFlowing Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Remo Mazzoni

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