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September 22, 2020

Artist Shower Curtains Collection 2020

Artist Shower Curtains Collection 2020-ZigZagZurich

ZigZagZurich collaborates with artists and designers, both established and new, on unique collections transformed into textiles under the direction of creative director Michele Rondelli. The new 2020 ZigZagZurich Shower Curtains Collection adds an exciting new roster of artists from around the globe. ZigZagZurich shower curtains are made of high quality heavy weight panama cotton printed with original artist works and sealed with a waterproof coating. Once printed, we then treat the cotton with a special acrylic coating, which seals the cotton making it waterproof and mold proof, yet still soft to touch like real panama cotton. Each curtain is handmade then in Italy - the shower rings are using the highest quality brass, all hand finished. So no more plastic shower curtains, plastic liners - you can have real cotton luxury in your bathroom without any of the fuss with unique artist works.

Our next roster of artists includes:

- Merijn Hos is an artist and illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and working on his own personal projects, exhibitions, and independent publishing. Merijn’s clients include Apple, Jawbone, 030303 Records, Coca-Cola, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Down The Rabbit Hole Festival, Red Bull, WIRED Magazine, Keds, Vice Magazine, Pepsi, Le Sportsac, Nickelodeon, Adobe, and Nike. The shower curtain “Landscape” is an image of a forest in Utrecht. “Nature is a huge source of inspiration in my work. What I like about the idea of this image turned into an shower curtain is that it gives the feeling of condensation on the mirror after showering”. - Merijn Hos.

Landscape Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Merijin Hos- Katja Sandström is a graphic designer and illustrator born and based in Stockholm. In 2014 she finished a bachelor in Visual Communication at Malmö University. The making of “Kite” shower curtain motif started while playing around with a previously made drawing. Usually some details of a finished piece bring her new imaginary lines in her mind, which become a long chain of images giving birth to each other. Like almost all her creations the lines flow went from simple to messy and then back to simple.

Kite Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Katja Sandström

- Laura Knoops is a French-Belgian-Swiss designer and creative director based between Berlin & Paris, working and experimenting in all visual areas, mainly graphic design and video. She pushes the boundaries of visual fields by mixing techniques and mediums. Graduated in 2012 with a degree in Graphic design at the ESAAT (Roubaix, FR), she studied at the ESAA Duperré and the ESAIG Estienne (Paris, FR, 2007-2010). After a semester abroad in Fashion and branding at the AMFI (Amsterdam, NL), she got her graphic education and training in Berlin within the wonderful studio BANKTM.

Syntax Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Laura Knoops

- Karina Eibatova is an internationally known watercolor painter, illustrator, muralist, typographer, pencil artist, and videographer who specializes in landscape art. Her artwork frequently depicts natural objects and phenomena, such as minerals and animals, as well as scenes depicting the universe. Karina has contributed artwork to album covers and layouts, exhibition spaces, magazines, and hotel murals. "My inspiration lies in the discovering life as a phenomena, and in the admiring an amazing Planet we live at. Admiring the very essential things, such as a pomegranate or a stone can inspire me to express that deep impression. With my works, I try to deliver a distant look on the fragments of Nature, therefore I draw only organic objects, landscapes and the Universe." - Karina Eibatova.

The Aquarium Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Karina Eibatova

- Sophie Probst is a German textile designer that lives and works in Zurich. Since 2015 she completed her diploma at the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Art. Her greatest love was in the production of modern textiles in the classic crafts of weaving and knitting. During her studies whilst in Barcelona she deepened her interest in graphic and multi-colored patterns, drawing incredible pieces of artwork and transforming them onto raw fabrics. Her designs are a celebration of colour and freedom, with intricate detail that covers broad spectrums of interest. Her travels in Asia and Europe have inspired her work to mix cultures.

Pool Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Sophie Probst

- Celine Cornu is a French textile designer. She completed her Master in textile design and surface materials at the Lille Higher School of Applied Arts and Textile. Passionate about noble and innovative materials, Celine likes to make links between traditional materials and unexpected textures such as silicone, plaster or optic fiber. Her work is inspired by the colors and the line details of Moroccan art. For she has partnered with Berber weavers for whom she created carpet designs with saturated colors and geometric shapes.

Collage Two Artist Cotton Shower Curtain ( Waterproof ) by Celine Cornu


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