Unique designs for your home

The Artist Wool Blankets Collection 2019/20 features works of artists from all over the world. Every year we are looking for new talents, which create original and inspiring designs for our Collections. This season the Collection reflects the experimental spirit that has driven ZigZagZurich from the start: reconfiguring traditional codes of craftsmanship and setting a new creative standard for the future. 

The creative team, under the direction of Michele Rondelli, let you be part of their journey from Japan over to Tahiti, Greece, France and Africa. 

Michele Rondelli shows his tasteful design approach in his design for the Wool Blanket "Vivienne" in which he shows a bouquet of flowers in vivid and acid colours from a garden in Tahiti. Rondelli together with Sophie Probst, also pay tribute to the stylish Japanese graphics and fashion with the Wool Blankets "Satoshi" and "Hanae" both representing a male and a female face.

Artist Wool BlanketsFrom left to right: "Vivienne" - "Satoshi" - "Hanae"

From Asia over to Europe

Raised in Brighton, UK Kit Agar moved to London to attend the Camberwell College of Art where she graduated with a BA in illustration. There she has developed a distinctive style with her abstract forms and natural colour palette. For the Artist Wool Blankets Collection 2019/20 she takes us back remembering the period of expressionism of South of France. Her "Lady Geometry" discovers forms in natural colour palette. 

"Lady Geometry" by Kit Agar

George Greaves let us continue the journey around the world with "Mythos". The Bristol-based illustrator studied illustration and communication at Westminster University. With his art he adds another unique Wool Blanket to our new collection. "Mythos" brings a piece of Greece to your home and represents with a stunning design the charming Greek mythology. 

Artist Wool Blanket

"Mythos One" & "Mythos Two" by George Greaves

Discover the wonderful tribal culture of Africa

The designer Sophie Probst, together with the Creative Director Michele Rondelli, brings some African culture to our homes. "Fez", "Tangier" and "Dakar" tribute the wonderful tribal culture she discovered on a recent voyage to the north and eastern parts of Africa. Her designs are a celebration of colour and freedom and her travels in Asia and Europe have inspired her work to mix different cultures. 

artist wool blankets"Dakar" - "Fez" - "Tangier"

We are grateful for the collaboration with these artists that help us to create unique home textiles combined with high quality materials for your home. With the Artist Wool Blankets Collection 2019/20 another exciting collection is added to our shop. All the Artist Wool Blankets can be viewed here