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September 01, 2023

Ursula Rodel & Landesmuseum x ZigZagZurich

Ursula Rodel, a prominent figure in Swiss fashion, is widely recognized as one of the country's most influential fashion pioneers. Her exceptional career seamlessly intertwines fashion, design, and art, resulting in a life marked by remarkable achievements. 1972 she founded her own fashion label, dressing iconic film stars like Catherine Deneuve and Maria Schneider. Notably, Rodel's professional ascent, from a fashion designer to a globally sought-after costume designer, has never compromised her authenticity.

The Landesmuseum presents a captivating exhibition titled "Wild and Beautiful - Fashion by Ursula Rodel," delving deep into the dynamic landscape of the 1970s. This exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in an era of transformation, vivid contrasts, and the vanguard of fashion.

In an exciting collaboration between ZigZagZurich and the Landesmuseum, two exquisite bedding sets have been meticulously designed, drawing inspiration from Ursula Rodel's visionary creations.

"Verführerischer Blick" by Ursula Rodel & Landesmuseum Zürich X ZigZagZurich

Ursula Rodel Verführerischer Blick Landesmuseum ZigZagZurich

"Beschwipster Jüngling" by Ursula Rodel & Landesmuseum Zürich X ZigZagZurich

Ursula Rodel Beschwipster Jüngling Landesmuseum ZigZagZurich

Written by ZZZ Team