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January 18, 2021

Christoffer Joergensen: Artisanal meets Technology

Christoffer Joergensen: Artisanal meets Technology-ZigZagZurich

ZigZagZurich collaborates with artists and designers, both established and new, on unique collections transformed into textiles under the direction of creative director Michele Rondelli

Christoffer Joergensen is an artist and photographer based in Zurich. He uses digital photography as a raw material to be alienated and transformed with a combination of computer programs and artisanal techniques. Tactility and sensuality are essential characteristics in his work. It’s important to him to create things that resonate with our times and that touch people on a visceral level. He received the Thames & Hudson book price for his graduating show at the Royal College of Art in London and has numerous group and solo shows around Europe.

Christoffer Joergensen Christoffer Joergensen 

Christoffer Joergensen by workChristoffer Joergensen at work 


Christoffer Joergensen X ZigZagZurich 

“I always wanted to touch people with my work but I never thought that they would literally be sleeping with it! There can’t be a more intimate place to put your art than on a duvet or a pillow. ZigZagZurich and I both agreed that my Grogram technique would form a great basis for the prints. Instead of laboriously cutting photographs into thin strips using a cutter and then interweaving them, as I do when making my artworks, the process was done digitally for the bedding. This allowed me to create a much finer and more intricate grid. The results, to me, have become delicate, sensuous and atmospheric.” – Christoffer Joergensen.

Wazer Artist Duvet Covers / Pillows by Christoffer Joergensen

Wazer Artist Duvet Covers / Pillows by Christoffer Joergensen

William Artist Duvet Covers / Pillows by Christoffer JoergensenWilliam Artist Duvet Covers / Pillows by Christoffer Joergensen

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